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Catherine Pancake
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oh, hey! here's my tumblr → bananapeppers

lesbian. recovered from eating disorders since 2010. recovered from depression since 2011. I live with my girlfriend. I love parrots, The X-Files, lingerie I can't afford, lesbian nonfiction, style blogs, medicine, contemporary poetry, board games at parties. I drink half-caff, but I don't love it.

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überrationality despite myself, a-woman-is-talking-to-death, accurate subjectivity, adulting, all-bran extra fiber (rip), anti-homophobia, anti-racism, anti-transphobia, atheism, autoscopies, b-movie night, badass obstacle course dreams, beating dana at boggle, beets, biking, board games at parties, bodily autonomy, bottomless mugs of coffee, bottomless mugs of tea, brain shocks, breaking bad, bright colors, bro hugs, calvin klein, card games, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronogram, clear-eyed lesbian gazes, climbin' mountains, cold floors, contemporary poetry, cooking with my friends, coping, criminal minds, css, dark classical, dark colors, dictionaries, disability, dubstep, dykes, eating disorders, equality, erlenmeyer flask-uhs, escolar, ethnic jewishness, fashin, femcees, feminism, femme, femme-ininities, form following form, form following function, foxes on trampolines, fucking, gabapentin, gillian anderson, good eats, good poetry, gynecological ufos, harm reduction, hella parity diagnoses, high heels, higher heels, internalized homophobia, jewish atheists, journaling, lara stone, le châtelier's my beard, lesbian writing, lesbianism, living versus existing, long-enough shirts, love-hate relationship with ambivalence, magical thinking, major depressive disorder, mcintosh apples, mental health, mental illness, myalgic encephalomyelitis, negative space, neurotheology, new diet sodas, nights on the town, nonfiction, not enough scarves, old-school the_caps_files, opinionated people in neutrals, physicalism, psych memoirs, psychiatry, push girls, queer people, queer politics, queer women, ray bradbury, reading 'riting and 'rithmetic, recovery, reference books, relating, richard matheson, science fiction, science fiction short stories, scientific babbling, scully, self-injury, sex, shoes, spherical birds, suicidality, taking my little notes, terminator 2: judgment day, the beige-taupe-ecru holy trinity, the cheese graters, the hudson valley, the physical sciences, the x-files, thesauri, tooth hugs, turning the volume up, twilight zone: original stories, wanting to believe, watching shows w/my sister, when the pawn…, winkiesneezes, women, women's writing, writing styles, wub wub wub, x-files viewing parties, yves saint laurent

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